Brand Protection and Nanotechnology: An Application that Works and a New Website to Help

You may recall my attempt to update the market information about nanotechnology and product tagging back in September by adding a company, Singular-ID, to the list of companies that are applying nanotechnology to product tagging.

Singular-ID is one of those rare companies in the world of nanotechnology that actually has a full-blown product, not just some material waiting to be licensed by some company that makes product-tagging devices.

At the heart of their technology is a nanoscale magnetic material that acts as a sort of â''fingerprintâ'' for each product and enables the device, but they went ahead and created the device and the software to run it too.

To take it all one step further, Singular-ID has launched a new website, No To Fakes, which is intended to help consumers and brand owners defeat the counterfeit culture, and save industries from automotive to fashion billions of dollars in lost revenues from product piracy.

On the website, a brand owner can control their own page content and keep it updated to advise customers how to ensure they are buying a genuine product. In case of a purchase of a suspected fake, the customer can upload information, receipts and photos directly to the brand owner for their investigations.


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