Bart Gordon retains Science and Technology Committee chair

Today Bart Gordon was re-elected to chair the Committee on Science and Technology.

Why do you care? Since he got the job in 2006, Gordon has been a pit bull for science and tech initiatives. He was the one who pushed the America COMPETES Act through congress last year, among whose provisions was the authorization to create the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). That resource remains underfunded and underutilized but provides an excellent infrastructure for President-elect Obama's plans to revamp U.S. energy policy.

Gordon also led the fight earlier this year against letting Italian nuclear waste collect in Utah landfills.

Gordon hasn't always been a favorite around these parts (certain National Nanotechnology Initiative shenanigans raised some hackles) but usually his staunch opposition or intense support is on the right track.

Gordon has proven himself to be a good steward of the Science and Technology committee the past two years. I have high hopes for the next four: â''I want this to be the committee of good ideas,â'' he says. We need them.


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