Another way to make design easier

From the desk of senior associate editor Samuel K. Moore

The folks at the The Mathworks have their feet in two worlds. On the one hand, everybody and their mother uses MATLAB for all kinds of technical computing, algorithm development, and what-not. Other folks use a product called SIMULINK to model and design their embedded systems. Trouble was, if you wanted to take, say, a signal processing algorithm developed and written in MATLAB and incorporate it into your design in SIMULINK you had to translate it into C codeâ''by hand. That takes time and tends to introduce a lot of errors, according to Paul Barnard, marketing director for design automation at The Mathworks.

So, today, the company fixed that issue with something theyâ''re calling Embedded MATLAB. It lets you port algorithms from MATLAB straight into SIMULINK; so no more hand translations.


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