AMD Launches New Line of "Shanghai" Processors

Advanced Micro Devices today announced the "widespread availability" of its new 45-nanometer Quad-Core Opteron processor, offering five low-power versions for servers and two 105-watt versions for high-performance computing architectures.

Formerly code-named Shanghai, the chips are aimed at IT customers "looking to do more with less," according to an informational page on the AMD website. The Sunnyvale, Calif., firm said the new Opteron processors deliver "up to 35 percent more performance with up to a 35 percent decrease in power consumption at idle."

It added that original equipment manufacturers will be able to offer more than 27 systems based on the 45-nm Opteron line this year.

The low-end Opteron HE chips will be priced from US $316 to $1514, and will work with two-, four- and eight-socket systems with speeds ranging from 2.1 GHz to 2.3 GHz, AMD said. The chipmaker has priced the high-end 8386 SE at $2649 and the Opteron 2386 SE at $1165.


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