Ambitious Announcements Come Home to Roost for Nanotech Start-up

By announcing that they would have a product on the market out in 2 years going back to 2002 have landed Nantero in IEEE Spectrumâ''s annual â''Winners and Losersâ'' round upâ'¿and not in the winnersâ'' column.

But the nanotech start-up remains unbowed. They still contend that a commercial product is still just around the corner. It just may be, but the market that their product was set to revolutionize back in 2002 has moved on. While it hasnâ''t quite been revolutionary movement, it has evolved enough.

As Philip Ross, the author of the Spectrum article, notes â''That instant-on computer that Nantero sketched out more than six years ago? You can buy one right now for just $400; itâ''s called the iPhone.â'' Brutalâ'¿and true.

This humble blogger is quoted in the piece asking the question that has plagued him since Nantero made their early announcements: all the big flash memory players are just going to step aside and let a start-up eliminate a billion-dollar market?


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