After Lunch at TechCrunch

After a morning heavy on search and social networking via cellphone, the after lunch demos at TechCrunch40, a showcase of startup companies, branched out. Among them, a new browser (Flock) optimized for social network and multimedia platforms like Facebook and YouTube, collaborative editing of videos (Story Blender), and a new model for publishing a print travel magazine (8020 Publishing).

My vote for most personally useful, if not revolutionary: TripIt and MusicShake. TripIt creates detailed travel itineraries from multiple sources; you forward your confirmation emails to it, and it creates an organized travel plan that you can use yourself and send to others. Sounds like a great idea, and I plan on testing it later this week. MusicShake, a company out of Korea, solves another fairly obvious problemâ''how do you get interesting, copyright-free music to attach to videos and other multimedia presentations that you want to put online? MusicShake has created a library of music blocks, all available royalty-free, that you can combine to create layered sound tracks. A musicbot helps the musically untalented (that would be me) avoid embarassing themselves.


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