Advice for entrepreneurs

Speaking at TechCrunch40 today in San Francisco, successful entrepreneurs Mark Andreessen (Netscape, Opsware), Chad Hurley (YouTube), and David Filo (Yahoo) offered advice for would-be company founders.

From Andreessen:

â'¢ Hire a founder who can be a CEO

â'¢ Beat off with a stick hiring too many people too quickly. [In particular] keep the engineering team small, most great products are built by small engineering teams.

From Hurley:

â'¢ (seconding the advice of holding back on hiring) If you only have a few people working on site, you are able to iterate faster, to move faster than larger competitors, keeping team small.

â'¢ Look at how you are personally using the product to make decisions, donâ''t rely on others.

From Filo:

â'¢ [Be] passionate about what you are doing, and attract peole who are passionate about it, so even if you fail they will feel like they had a great experience.


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