Adding to Market Information on Nanotechnology and Product Tagging

Three years ago (in Fall of 2004 to be exact) I authored a report for PIRA entitled â''The Future of Nanotechnology in Printing and Packagingâ''.

Needless to say, when discussing nanotechnology in the printing and packaging industries you have to cover product tagging. I compiled information on nanobarcodes and companies like, NanoInk and Oxonica, Inc, formerly Nanoplex Technologies.

Jumping ahead to today, Converting Magazine has just reprinted an article that is available online and comes from one of PIRAâ''s publications , Brand Protection News, that catalogues many of the companies and technologies I had identified in the report.

But there was a crucial omission. In the Fall of 2004, Singular-ID had not yet been formed so it was not included in the report.

But the company exists now and absolutely, positively needs to be included in article entitled â''Role of nanotechnology in brand protectionâ''. Unfortunately, it was not. It should have been.


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