Polo for engineers

You don't have to ride a horse to play polo. This Sunday, at the 23rd annual Polo in the Park festival at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Segway riders will compete for the Woz challenge cup. That's Woz as in Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, an avid Segway Polo player.

The Segway Polo follows the rules of the traditional sport, but riders mount two-wheeled Segways, two-wheeled self-balancing transporters first unveiled by inventor Dean Kamen back in 2001. Segways have become popular transportation devices for police officers, disabled people, tourists on guided tours, and my neighbors in Silicon Valley. And, it turns out, for polo players.

Woz himself will play in Sunday's event, as a member of the Silicon Valley Aftershocks, competing against the Junkyard Dogs from Oakland, Calif. and the Pole Blacks from New Zealand. (Switzerland and Dubai also have teams.)

Admission to Polo in the Park is free; the Segway games start at 2:30 pm. The Bay Area Segway Enthusiast Group plays in Sunnyvaleâ''s Ponderosa Park the first and third Sundays of every month, weather permitting.

UPDATE: Latest word is the Woz will not play in the final games on Sunday, but will be playing in the preliminary games at Ponderosa Park Saturday afternoon.



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