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  1. DARPATech 2007

    I am eating DARPATech m&ms in a chipper assortment of green, yellow and white. The schwag this year runs the gamut from T-shirts to light-up pens to chocolate bars to a temporary tattoo to show your devotion. This yearâ''s conference is in Anaheim, CA, and I could walk to Disneyland, but the exhibition hall in the Marriott is way more interesting, and among this yearâ''s 3000 attendees, I feel like Iâ''m in a theme park anyway. Instead of cotton candy, weâ''re all carrying Starbucks. On Tuesday, two technical offices presentedâ''the Defense Sciences Office (DSO, which is known as â''DARPAâ''s DARPAâ'') and …

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