The STEM Crisis is a Myth: An Ongoing Discussion

Throughout the month of September, we'll provide continuing coverage and debate of the STEM crisis

Feature Story

STEM, stemIn our September 2013 feature article, “The STEM Crisis Is a Myth” author Robert N. Charette argued that

…there is indeed a STEM crisis—just not the one everyone’s been talking about. The real STEM crisis is one of literacy: the fact that today’s students are not receiving a solid grounding in science, math, and engineering.

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Further Questions

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Reader Panel Weighs In

IEEE Spectrum recently posed a number of questions about STEM education to a select group of IEEE members. Nearly three-quarters of respondents said they would “strongly encourage” a student to pursue a career path in STEM because it is “interesting and stimulating work” and one in which a person “can make a difference in the world.”

Share Your Perspective

Would you encourage a student to pursue a career in STEM?

IEEE Spectrum forecasters overwhelmingly say “yes”

Is there a shortage of STEM students and STEM professionals?

Most IEEE Spectrum forecasters think there is, and that the shortage is worse in their own country than in the world at large