The Team Responsible for The NEW Spectrum Online

The redesign and relaunch of Spectrum Online would not have been possible without the dedication of and efforts by a group of incredibly talented people. Thank you all very much!

From Pub Tech:
Doug Gischlar
Gerry Grenier
Arathi Hebbar
Angel Pena
Lori Potter
Mona Raval
Ken Rawson
Jitendra Vasanthu
Praneeth Vuppala

From Pub Ops:
Jackie Parker
Mike Spector

Dave Bankowski
Vijay Maddipoti
Siva Moduga
Skrikrishna Parthasarathy
Matt Persons
Rich Reeps
Mike Rintzler
Gil Santiago
Mark Steve
Joaquin Tejada

From Spectrum Editorial & Advertising:
Ruchika Anand
Elizabeth Bretz
Marion Delaney
Harry Goldstein
Susan Hassler
Blanche McGurr
Kieron Murphy
Josh Romero
Jim Vick
The Entire Editorial Staff

From Agile Partners:
Dustin Barker
John Berry
Franqueli Mendez

From Interface Guru:
Todd Fitzpatrick
Kyle Kulakowski
Sara Onstine
Brian Peterson
Cia Romano