Special Report: Top 11 Technologies of the Decade

tech icon no. 1Smartphones: The Pocketable PC
Is your phone smarter than a fifth grader?
  tech icon no. 2Social Networking: Friended
Bandwidth, digital cameras, and a hunger for connectedness have created a virtual dinner party
  tech icon no. 3Voice Over IP: Setting Phone Service Free
How Ma Bell's cash cow became a free software app

tech icon no. 4LED Lighting: Blue + Yellow = White
Giving LEDs the blues was the key to replacing the incandescent bulb
  tech icon no. 5Multicore CPUs: Processor Proliferation
From multicore to many-core to hard-to-describe-in-a-single-word cores
  tech icon no. 6Cloud Computing: It's Always Sunny in the Cloud
Cloud computing puts your desktop wherever you want it

tech icon no. 7Drone Aircraft: How the Drones Got Their Stingers
Unmanned aerial vehicles come of age
  tech icon no. 8Planetary Rovers: Are We Alone?
Planetary rovers attempt to answer the most profound question in science
  tech icon no. 9Flexible AC Transmission: The FACTS Machine
Flexible power electronics will make the smart grid smart

tech icon no. 10Digital Photography: The Power of Pixels
Digital photography changed not only how we take pictures but also how we communicate
  tech icon no. 11Class-D Audio: The Power and the Glory
A quiet revolution is transforming audio electronics
  tech icon no. 12Next-to-the-Best Technologies of 2000-2010
These innovations just barely missed the cut for our Top 11 list