In this special report, we meet some of the world’s most creative minds in robotics to find out how their robots will transform our lives—for real. “Engineers of the New Millennium: Robots for Real,” a coproduction of IEEE Spectrum magazine and the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Engineering, aired on public radio stations across the United States. 

Click on the images below to watch audio slide shows of individual stories, or download the full show here: Part 1/3, Part 2/3, Part 3/3.




Lessons From a Mechanical Child

The Amazing Androids of Hiroshi Ishiguro

The A-Team of Robots

Surgeons and Robots Scrub Up

The Robowranglers From Texas

MIT’s Shape-Shifting Robots

For Willow Garage, Robotics Is Personal

A Helping Hand From a Robot


The Reality of Robot Surrogates

Open-Source Baby

Heart Surgeons Adapting to Robots

Willow Garage PR2 Robot Navigates Office

March of the Sandbots

Students to Compete in FIRST “Lunacy” Competition

Let the Games Begin

Three Engineers, Hundreds of Robots, One Warehouse

The Rise of the Machines

Special Report: The Singularity


Wisconsin Public Radio broadcast  “Robots for Real”
Saturday March 20th, 2010 at 3pm (CT).  It was featured on their Idea’s Network of stations:

  • Milwaukee  WHAD - 90.7 FM
  • Madison WHA - 90.7 AM
  • Park Falls WHBM - 90.3 FM
  • Sister Bay WHDI - 91.9 FM
  • Highland WHHI - 91.3 FM
  • LaCrosse WHLA - 90.3 FM
  • Menomonie WHWC - 88.3 FM
  • Auburndale WLBL - 930 FM
  • Wausau WLBL - 91.9 FM
  • Appleton WLFM - 91.1 FM
  • RiverFalls WRFW - 88.7 FM
  • Oshkosh WRST - 90.3 FM
  • Sheboygan WSHS - 91.7 FM
  • Middleton WAQ - 90.9 FM 
  • Ashland WAF - 102.9 FM
  • Central Madison WBM - 107.9 FM

Tuesday March 23, 2010  8pm

  • WGCU-FM 90.1  Ft. Myers, Florida
  • WMKO-FM 91.7  Marco, Florida

WXEL – 90.7 FM  West Palm Beach, Florida,  January 31, 2010  2pm

WGUC –  90.9 FM  Fort Myers Florida will broadcast:

  • Engineers of the New Millennium: Dream Jobs - December 21st   8pm EST
  • Engineers of the New Millennium: The Global Water Challenge - December 28th   8pm EST.

Sunday, December 27, 2009  7pm- WABE 90.1  Atlanta, GA [Robots for Real]

Sunday, December 20, 2009  6pm

  • WCVE  - 88.9 FM      Richmond, VA
  • WCNV -  89.1 FM      Heathsville, VA
  • WMVE -  90.1 FM     Chase City, VA

New Hampshire Public Radio - Saturday  December 5, 2009  4pm

  • Concord, NH  – WEVO-FM
  • Berlin, NH  – WEVC-FM
  • Hanover, NH  – WEVH-FM
  • Jackson, NH  – WEVJ - FM
  • Keene, NH  – WEVN -FM
  • Nashua, NH  – WEVS-FM

Cape Cod - Sunday November 1, 2009  9pm 
    WCAI - 90.1 FM  Woods Hole, MA
    WNAN 91.1 FM   Nantucket, MA

Austin, TX KUT (HD channel 2) - Sunday, 8 November 2009, 6 pm

Washington, D.C. WAMU 88.5 FM - Sunday, 29 November 2009, 6 pm

“Engineers of the New Millennium: Robots for Real” is a coproduction of IEEE Spectrum magazine and the Directorate for Engineering of the National Science Foundation.

Photos: ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories; Andrew Carlson/Center for Distributed Robotics/University of Minnesota; Sarah Degallier; Gabor Fichtinger/Queen’s University; Getty Images; Kyle Gilpin/Distributed Robotics Lab/CSAIL Center for Robotics/MIT; Erico Guizzo; Gregory Hager/Johns Hopkins University; Laurie Howell; iStockphoto; Chris Kuklok; Matthew Lee; Cynthia Menard/NIH, Reuters; Joe Menassa; Basilio Noris; Quality of Life Technology Center; Lisa Raffensperger; ReconRobotics; RobotCub; Robowrangler Robotics; Russell Taylor/Johns Hopkins University; Linda Wensel; Willow Garage