Smart Grid 2025

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On March 17, Help Shape the Future of the Smart Grid

By the year 2025, the mass adoption of electric vehicles, the emergence of dynamic new economies, and the mandated incorporation of alternative power generation in many countries will put a huge strain on the world’s existing power infrastructure. To meet that challenge, engineers have been implementing smart grid technologies for years with greater and lesser success. But to thrive in the coming decades, it is imperative that engineers, policymakers, and ordinary citizens learn from smart grid experiences gleaned from around the globe.

Join hundreds of IEEE members online starting 17 March 2011 at 12 noon ET (5 p.m. UTC) in "Smart Grid 2025," a massively multiplayer forecasting experiment cosponsored by IEEE Spectrum and the Institute for the Future. Whether you have 5 hours or 5 minutes, you can help explore the future of intelligent power distribution and control. Starting with a video that sets the scene in 2025, players will develop dozens of different scenarios using 140-character "cards." They’ll spotlight unexpected challenges that others may be missing, help reveal solutions that only the collective brainpower of the IEEE can uncover, and shape the discourse around the smart grid.

"Smart Grid 2025" is a massively multiplayer online game played on the Institute for the Future’s Signtific Lab, a microforecasting platform developed by the institute to foster open discussion about the future of science and technology.

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