Special Report: The Singularity

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Waiting for the Rapture

sintro.gifOne day a machine will blink into consciousness, but it’s just wishful thinking to believe that people could escape death by uploading their minds.
By Glenn Zorpette

Web Exclusives:

 INTERACTIVE   Mapping the Body Electric

bionicHuman senses and body parts are increasingly augmented by a stunning array of high-tech devices. View our three-dimensional model to gauge progress toward the age of cyborgs.

Signs of the Singularity

ssigns_landing.gifThe writer who first postulated the singularity answers skeptics and tells us what to look for as the world slips closer to the edge.
By Vernor Vinge

 VIDEO     How to Prepare for the Singularity

svinge_landing.gifVernor Vinge on the run-up to the singularity and what technologists can do to engineer the best outcome for humans.

The Singularity: Who’s Who

swho_landing.gifA guide to the singularity true believers, atheists, and agnostics.
By Paul Wallich

Two Paths to the Singularity

kurz.gifMIT professor Neil Gershenfeld and technology futurist Ray Kurzweil both believe that we are on the event horizon of a technological singularity.
By Tekla S. Perry

The Consciousness Conundrum

sconun_landing.gifHow can we hope to create consciousness if we don't know anything about it?
By John Horgan

Tech Luminaries Address the Singularity

slumin.gifCandid assessments from leading voices such as Steven Pinker, Gordon Moore, Esther Dyson, and more

Can Machines Be Conscious?

smach_landing.gifYes, someday—and here’s one way to determine if they are.
By Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi

 VIDEO    Teaching Machines to Watch Blade Runner

koch_landing.gifChristof Koch explains how we can use visual illusions and scenes to explore the difference between our conscious and unconscious perception.

Plus:  Do You Need a Quantum Computer to Achieve Machine Consciousness?

And:  A Bit of Theory: Consciousness as Integrated Information

I, Rodney Brooks, Am a Robot

srobo_landing.gifAs our machines become more like us, we will become more like them.
By Rodney Brooks

 VIDEO    The Singularity: Neither Heaven nor Hell

brooks_landing.gifRodney Brooks on why the evolution of superhuman intelligence will be a slow process.

Rupturing the Nanotech Rapture

snano_landing.gifTiny robots that can fix all our bodily flaws sound lovely, but they violate the laws of physics.
By Richard A.L. Jones

 SLIDE SHOW   Born Bionic

bionic_landing.gifThese robots are pushing the envelope of humanoid design—they can play the violin, unload a dishwasher, and climb stairs.

Reverse Engineering the Brain

sbrain_landing.gifTo David Adler, the human brain is just really advanced nanotechnology.
By Sally Adee

 VIDEO    Tapping the Computing Power of the Unconscious Brain

sajda_landing.gifNeuroscientist Paul Sajda, of Columbia University, uses the human vision system for computerized image sorting.

Economics of the Singularity

secon_landing.gifMachines of merely human intellect could put humans out of work if they were cheap enough.
By Robin Hanson

Teaching AI to Be Sociable

secon_landing.gifHumans can already form social bonds with robots, but the real trick may be getting AI equally interested in us.
By Jeremy Hsu

Singular Simplicity

stime_landing.gifThe argument for technological fabulism rests on baseless extrapolations.
By Alfred Nordmann

 PODCAST    Talking to Vernor Vinge

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Singularity Index

data_landing.gifA graphical guide to intelligent machines in pop culture.

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