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R&D 100 Graph-o-Matic

We know our readers like to get their hands on the raw data and draw their own conclusions. The R&D 100 Graph-o-Matic* gives you access to seven years’ worth of R&D spending data as provided to us by Standard & Poors. Use this tool to compare R&D expenditures, sales, and number of employees among companies, industries, and countries where these companies are based.

Here’s a simple example to get you started. Check the show-on-graph box on the Plot Line 1 tab. Under filters, check Company. That will pull up a menu of all the companies listed in the R&D 100 during the past seven years. Select Advanced Micro Devices. Save and close. Next, check the box on the Plot Line 2 tab. Under filters, check Industry. That will pull up a menu of all the industries represented in the R&D 100.

Next check Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment. Save and close. Now click through the top tabs--R&D Spending, Sales, Number of Employees, R&D Spending as a % of Sales, and R&D Spending per Employee to see how AMD has, or has not, followed industry trends over the last seven years. You can further refine your results by choosing the ranges of the various data types.

So have fun and share your findings here.

Note: R&D spending numbers do not include any expenditures accrued as a result of a merger or acquisition. The annual totals are based on the companies’ fiscal years, which may vary.

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*Updated 1 November 2008 with new data from our content partner, Standard & Poor's. The latest available data is from the 2007 fiscal year.