The Score of the IP Game

Keeping Score in the IP Game Continued

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Source: 1790 Analytics
The number for 2006 U.S. Patents is a proxy for relative patent prowess ­worldwide. The Pipeline Power score is derived by multiplying the company’s patent count by the product of four other variables. Pipeline Growth (not shown here) ­represents the firm’s 2006 patent activity, relative to its average performance in the five ­previous years. For the other three variables, a score above 1.00 indicates that the company performed better than average in its technology class; below 1.00 ­indicates worse than average performance. Pipeline Impact indicates how frequently all 2006 patents cited a company’s patents from the previous five years. Pipeline Generality is a measure of the variety of technologies drawing on a company’s patents. Pipeline Originality measures the variety of the ­technologies upon which an organization’s patents build. Adjusted Pipeline Impact eliminates self-citation. The final score, Adjusted Pipeline Power, is an estimate of a ­company’s overall patent power. For the complete data, which include all of the top 20 companies in each category, as well as the Pipeline Growth and percentage of self-citation numbers, see /nov07/scorecard.