Special Report: Dream Jobs 2009

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What does it mean to be an engineer? The answer may surprise you. In this year’s Dream Jobs for Engineers report, we look at 10 technologists who love what they do for a living. To them, being an engineer means working in a profession that’s dynamic, creative, and endlessly challenging. It means traveling to exciting new places and exploring unexpected directions. It means having fun, pushing the limits, and making a difference. Whether it’s producing great music, programming out-of-this-world computer games, or bringing renewable energy to where it’s really needed—it’s not just a job, it’s engineering! But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this year’s 10 engineers.

marco migliari

Marco Migliari: Studio Virtuoso
At Real World Studios in the British countryside, he masters the mix.
audio icon LISTEN: Erico Guizzo visits Migliari at Real World.

Shannon Bruzelius: Toy Story
How a B student landed an A+ job in the toy industry.
audio icon LISTEN: Tekla S. Perry drops in on Bruzelius at Wild Planet Toys.

Kenyon Kluge: Zero to 60
An electrical engineer with a passion for motorcycles finds a job designing all-electric dirt bikes.
audio icon LISTEN: Kluge hits the trails.

Arieta Gonelevu: Bright Lights, Little Islands
She brings electricity to remote islands in the South Pacific.
audio icon LISTEN: Gonelevu describes how renewable energy can transform village life.

BACK STORY: Sandra Upson gets the story at Gonelevu's high school reunion in Fiji.


Tero Ojanperä: Dial M for Music
From CTO to Chief Tunes Officer.

Erlendur Thorsteinsson: Master of the Universe
This computer scientist breathes life into the many worlds of the sci-fi game Eve Online.
audio icon LISTEN: Thorsteinsson parties at the Party at the Top of the World.

keya banerjee

Keya Banerjee: Magical Realism
This specialist in reality-based movie effects is happiest when you don’t notice her work.
audio icon LISTEN: Banerjee introduces Glenn Zorpette to Bollywood.

Kunio Koike: Real Time
This Seiko engineer makes every second count.
audio icon LISTEN: Koike tells Jean Kumagai how watches became his life’s work.


robin murphy

Robin Murphy: Roboticist to the Rescue
Her intelligent robots help search for victims of disaster.
audio icon LISTEN: David Schneider visits Murphy at Disaster City.

Philippe Lauper: Chase the Sun
He and his team are building a plane that will circle the globe on sunlight alone.
audio icon LISTEN: Lauper tells Giselle Weiss what it takes to build a solar plane.

Web Exclusives

Stewart Craine: Lighting the Way
His company, Barefoot Power, produces LED lamps for use in rural areas.
audio icon LISTEN: Sandra Upson reports on Craine’s efforts to replace expensive, polluting kerosene lamps with superefficient, low-cost LEDs.