Stanford's 'JediBot' Tries to Kill You With a Foam Sword

Want some robots that can try to kill you and then make you a hamburger? Stanford's got you covered

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Evan Ackerman is IEEE Spectrum’s robotics editor.

Stanford's 'JediBot' Tries to Kill You With a Foam Sword

If there was one bad thing about those lightsaber-wielding robots from Yaskawa that we saw at ICRA, it was that you couldn't bust out your own lightsaber and jump in the middle of the fight. A paper also presented at ICRA showed us robots swinging swords in simulation against humans, but without much in the way of physical combat. Now a student project at Stanford has put these two brilliant ideas together and come up with "JediBot," a robot arm that will actually try to kill you with a foam sword:

"The robot applies quite a bit of force." Get it? Force? Yeah!

This project was part of Stanford's three and a half week long "Experimental Robotics" course, which, from the sound of things, is basically just an excuse for students to mess around with robots to get them to do cool stuff. Also developed as part of the course were a robot that plays golf, several robots that draw, and a robot that can make hamburgers and then drown then in ketchup for you:

[ Stanford Robotics ] via [ Stanford News ]

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