Sony Plays the Motion Free Game

As Microsoft rides the buzz of Project Natal, Sony reveals more details about its motion-sensing controller.

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Microsoft stole the show at the E3 videogame convention with its Project Natal motion-sensing camera.  But now Kotaku is reporting new details on Sony's answer for the Playstation 3:   an enhanced version of the "Eye" camera.

Sony is taking a hybrid approach, using both a cam and up to four motion-sensing contollers, each with force feedback (vibrations in sync with on-screen action).  In addition to head and face tracking, there will be voice recognition too. 

Sony made the first big splash into the motion-sensing pool with the EyeToy camera in 2003.  The peripheral came bundled with a game called EyeToy:  Play, which was pretty cool and breakthrough at the time.   The games were pre-Wii casual and intuitive challenges - wiping bubbles, kicking balls, etc.  There were a few other games made later, including one from Harmonix - future makers of Guitar Hero and Rock Band - called Antigrav, and also a trading card game called the Eye of Judgment.   But despite showing early promise, the EyeToy basically seemed to fade away - a lost opportunity if ever there was one.  And now, after losing its lead to Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony won't have an easy time clawing back. 

My advice/hope:  get Media Molecule (makers of LittleBigPlanet, the best Sony title in eons) to make the flagship Eye game.


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