Sony thoughts

I made a post over at Tech Talk, comparing Sony and Apple, and how Sony falters in delivering cool gadgets, while Apple tends to not do so. It's mostly techy and not gamey, but has liberal mentions of the PS3 and PSP, so there's some gaming info there, if you want to check it out.

I may as well describe what I would have hoped for from the new PSP, and why I would think it would be better than what Sony has delivered.

I like the PSP, and have several games for mine: Katamari, Pirates, and Lumines are favorites. But man, what I would prefer is something like this:

A PSP half as thick, with 8GB internal memory, with a detachable USB2 UMD drive. A way to download games and movies to the internal memory, so I don't have to do it illegally to MemorySticks. They can DRM these disc images all they want, I don't grudge them attempting to protect them. And I would open the PSP up to unsigned code, so that the cottage industry of developers for the PSP can go mainstream.

Sony doesn't get 100% of the PSP money in that market, but the market gets bigger, and PSP penetration gets deeper. Battery life gets better, I can play UMDs if I want, but don't have to carry UMD discs around everywhere. I can fill it with music if I want. Something that turns the PSP into more than a locked-down game machine would guarantee that I carry it around constantly, as opposed to every once in a while. I carry my GP2x around more often than I carry my PSP, these days.



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