MIT Gets in the Motion-Sensing Game

2010 is shaping up to be the Year of Hands-Free Controls.

Last week I blogged about a patent from Sony for a new motion-sensing videogame controller.

This comes after several months of hype/speculation about Microsoft's Project Natal:  a motion-sensing camera for the Xbox 360.

Now add BiDi to the mix.  Developed at the Massachussets Institue of Technology, BiDi is described as "an example of a new type of I/O device that possesses the ability to both capture images and display them. This thin, bidirectional screen extends the latest trend in LCD devices, which has seen the incorporation of photo-diodes into every display pixel. Using a novel optical masking technique developed at the Media Lab, the BiDi Screen can capture lightfield-like quantities, unlocking a wide array of applications from 3-D gesture interaction with CE devices, to seamless video communication."

Will gesturing be the mouse of the next decade?

I spoke about innovations in videogame interfaces on NPR Weekend Edition yesterday.  You can listen here.



IEEE Spectrum’s gaming blog was retired in 2010, but it is preserved here for archival reference.