Is this the beginning of a trend?

Yes, I should be posting about E3: it's the biggest video game show in the US, and it's going on right now. Even though it has been moved to a gas station bathroom in Santa Monica, apparently, it's still a big deal. No more roaming for unknown gems in the wilds that were Kentia Hall anymore....

Anyway, on the heels of my last but one post, which was on the heels of Rob's post, about video games and their effects, yet another researcher has come out saying that violent video games may be good for some kids.

Dr Cheryl Olson is a psychiatrist who makes the stunning observation that millions of 12 to 14-year-old boys are playing M-rated video games, and yet they are not being turned into short, squeaky-voiced armies of death and destruction. I suppose when neither causation nor correlation can be observed in the "violent video games cause violence" tenet, it should start to lose a little force as an anthem for change.

Researchers did warn parents to watch out for the psychological harm that may arise if, as a consequence of playing these games, they begin to say "pwned" as regular vocabulary[1].

[1] No, they didn't. But they should have.



IEEE Spectrum’s gaming blog was retired in 2010, but it is preserved here for archival reference.