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Robot Photographers Tour the Solar System

A new book showcases photos from rovers and space probes

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Robot Photographers Tour the Solar System
Photo: NASA/JPL/UMD/Michael Benson/Kinetikon Pictures

Photo: NASA GSFC/Arizona State University/Michael Benson/Kinetikon Pictures
Our own moon is currently being mapped in exquisite detail by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. This view shows the lunar landscape in the vicinity of the Meton and Barrow craters in the moon’s far north. NASA hopes the orbiter will prepare the way for future manned missions to the moon by identifying possible landing sites and locating potentially useful resources (like water ice near the lunar poles).

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Top Tech 2023: A Special Report

These two dozen technical projects should make significant advances in the coming year

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Top Tech 2023: A Special Report
Edmon DeHaro

Each January, the editors of IEEE Spectrum offer up some predictions about technical developments we expect to be in the news over the coming year. You’ll find a couple dozen of those described in the following special report. Of course, the number of things we could have written about is far higher, so we had to be selective in picking which projects to feature. And we’re not ashamed to admit, gee-whiz appeal often shaped our choices.

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