RoboGames 2012: Mech Warfare Post-Game Preview

While we get the video from Mech Warfare all put together, here's a little teaser gallery to tide you over

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RoboGames 2012: Mech Warfare Post-Game Preview

We spent all of last weekend at RoboGames, and have emerged battered, bruised, and sporting several shiny new robot-related minor injuries. I spent most of yesterday going through robot withdrawal, not so much from an excess of weekend robotitude (although there definitely was that), but mostly due to the accidental inhalation of copious amounts of whatever is that comes out of burning battery packs and fried speed controllers. But, being a professional journalist and all that (!), I'm managed to pull myself together enough for this little teaser gallery of the 2012 Mech Warfare competition, featuring a brand new arena that many of you helped make possible.

Mech Warfare's new arena might not have happened without the generous donations of many Spectrum readers, and here's the result:


Of course, none of the Mech Warfare competitors got to enjoy this arena firsthand, because they were all parked behind computer monitors, using telepresence to control their mechs:


And here's some of the denizens of this fancy new arena:





We'd tell you more, but then this wouldn't be much of a teaser post, would it?

This year, we were able to bring along one of those nifty little GoPro cameras, which let us get some fairly spectacular "street level" video footage of the Mech Warfare matches. We also risked life and limb in the arena during matches themselves, and we'll be putting all of this together over the next few days as soon as somebody (me) can make it happen. Meanwhile, we'll be getting back to your regularly scheduled robotics news at the same time.

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