Massive Distributed Denial-of-Service Cyberattack on Burma

The BBC is reporting that Burma (also known as Myanmar) has been hit by a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) cyberattack that has effectively disconnected the country from the Internet. The BBC cites the IT security firm Arbor Networks as its source.

Arbor Networks says that the attacks coming from across the world began on the 25th of October and have been increasing since then.  The firm says that the DDoS attacks have overloaded the country's Internet connections - both cable and satellite - by several hundred times their capacity at its peak.

Arbor Networks also says that the attack integrated several different types of DoS attacks coming from several different countries apparently using botnets.

No one has claimed credit for the attack, but there is speculation that it is associated with Burma's national elections on the 7th of November.

Arbor Networks also said that the attack traffic volume was larger than that which hit Georgia in 2008 or Estonia in 2007.


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