Yes, Virginia: IT Security Does Seem to Be Getting Worse

USA Today reported this week that more than 162 million personal records have been reported lost or stolen in 2007, triple the 49.7 million that were reported missing in 2006.

The story notes that: "Volunteers at keep track of incidents, mostly in the USA, many of which are made public to meet new data-loss-disclosure laws. Of more than 300 cases tracked in 2007, 261 were reported in the USA, 16 in Great Britain, 15 in Canada, six in Japan, two in Australia, and one each in Denmark, Ireland, Sweden and Norway."

This is likely an undercount, since when the story was written, the latest cases in the Canada and the UK were not yet reported.

The story also noted that arrests or prosecutions have been reported in just 19 cases.

Okay, there is just a little under three weeks until 2008. Any guess for the final 2007 tally as provided by I figure it will be around 170 million - I'm counting on the good folks in the UK government to help make the number.


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Robert Charette
Spotsylvania, Va.
Willie D. Jones
New York City