Victoria's Smartcard Myki System In More Trouble

The Australian newspaper Herald-Sun reported over the weekend that the A$500m smartcard Myki ticketing project that is already 9 months late, is looking to be even later and cost a lot more money.

The government of Victoria awarded the contract for development of a smartcard ticketing system for public transport to the Keane Australia Micropayment Consortium (Kamco) in July 2005, with a planned go live (public trials) date of March 2007. The new system, if ever completed, will allow passengers to use a single plastic smartcard to travel on a network that spans 270 railway stations, 480 trams and 1,650 buses. Passengers would be able to store value on their cards via self-service machines, the telephone or the Internet.

Software issues have caused many of the schedule and cost problems, surprise, surprise.

The official current projected date is for the Myki system to become fully operational by June 2008, although the government is today saying they hope to see it operational by the end of 2008, but the smart money is now betting for sometime in 2009.


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