UK MoD Loses Control of Fifteen Laptops a Month


The UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) has revised its figures late last week on the number of laptops lost or had stolen since 2004 to 747 (658 stolen, 89 lost), double the 347 figure it had said in February. Defence Secretary Des Browne gave out the new numbers after "anomalies in the reporting process" were found.

So far, only 32 laptops have been recovered.

MoD also admitted that 121 USB storage devices have been lost or stolen as well, 87 of which contained classified information including 5 that had secret-level data.

BTW, if you really are keeping count, a 659th stolen laptop was reported last week after the numbers were released.

Given the average of one MoD laptop being lost or stolen every two days, the 750th mark has probably been reached already as well - it just hasn't been reported yet.

Also, there was no break-down regarding how laptops many were lost at airports.


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