UK Gov E-Crime Unit Too Expensive at $2 million


A story in ComputerWeekly says that UK Home Office minister Vernon Coakertold has informed the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) that he did not have the £1.3 million to help kick-start the national e-crime unit.

According to the story, "ACPO has been pressing the government for £1.3m as seed capital for a 45-strong national e-crime unit, which would be funded jointly by the private sector. ACPO said it hoped the cash would give the private sector the confidence to contribute towards the £4.5m cost of the unit."

Last August, the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee issued a report demanding that the government do more about e-crime. A Home Office spokesperson responded when the report was published that the government was examining the report and would respond shortly.

The answer is now in.

I supposed it is a matter of the cost/benefit assessment: at least £2.4 billion losses in e-crime per annum against £1.3 million to help start a crime unit to investigate them still doesn't make the government's priority investment cut.


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