UK Data Scandal Was Predicted Years Ago

CD_Object.gif Last week, Forbes reported that Prime Minister Gordon Brown disagreed with the acting chairman of the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) David Hartnett's portrayal that the numerous HMRC data breaches over the past few years "may well" indicate a systemic operational failure.

"I don't accept that that is what the chairman ...said," said Brown.

Okay, I guess he didn't say it.

Over the weekend, the Sunday Telegraph published a story that said senior HMRC officials were warned by auditors in March 2004 that, ".. letting junior staff have access to the entire system was a recipe for disaster." The auditors also said, "... mistakes would not be detected and that the system was open to fraud."

Hmm, again I am left to wonder what actually does constitute a systemic operational failure in the eyes of senior UK government officials?


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Spotsylvania, Va.
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