UK Cancels $750 million Prison IT Project


In an unsurprising move, the UK government has put the kibosh on its Custody-National Offender Management Service Information System (C-NOMIS) that was intended to keep close track of the 330,000 prisoners and those serving their probation. The cost of the development, originally estimated at â'¿240 million has jumped to an estimated â'¿950 million, and sparked a government review of the project in August.

About â'¿155 million has been spent so far, and cancellation the program is likely to cost â'¿50 million in cancellation fees. The government said that it will try to salvage part of the system to track prisoners in prisons.

On the C-NOMIS website, it says, "The new Offender Management Model introduces the four Cs:

* continuity

* consistency

* commitment

* consolidation."

I guess a fifth C for cock-up, needs to be added to the list, which is better I guess than the other C, conspiracy. Its too bad too, since as the website says, "The concept of end-to-end offender management ensures that offenders are offered the best possible opportunity to change their offending behaviour." I guess it is going to take awhile before that opportunity comes again.


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Robert Charette
Spotsylvania, Va.
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