Protests Against TSA Wanting More of Your Information

In August, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) proposed that passengers be requested to provide their full names, birth dates and genders when making airplane reservations. Many airlines are against the proposal, however, USA Today reported today. Airlines are unhappy at the prospect, not only because they view the proposal as invasive, confusing, and useless and would likely only serve to irritate passengers, but it will pose unacceptable costs to the airlines as they will once again have to reprogram their reservation systems to collect the information.

TSA is proposing that airlines and travel agents would be required to ask people reserving flights for their birth date, gender and full name. However, you would not be required to give the information. But if you don't, then you might be "more easily mistaken for a terrorist" - wink, wink - and "may be more likely to experience delays, be subjected to additional screening (or) be denied transport," nudge, nudge - or should I say, shove, shove.

Maybe the TSA and UK government ought to get together and just demand one set of data, including your resume, whom you dated in high school, who you first kissed, and the first person you had a crush on in grammar school.


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Robert Charette
Spotsylvania, Va.
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