Seattle Bus Tunnel Computer Still Out

Seattle's newly renovated downtown bus tunnel will remain closed through Friday (UPDATE: now Monday, 24 December; UPDATE 2: Make that 26 December; UPDATE 3: Make that until further notice; UPDATE: Opens on 27 December.) due to a computer malfunction, reports the Seattle Times.

According to the Times story, "Sound Transit, which recently led a tunnel-retrofit project, found suspected flaws in two or three circuit boards and will also replace five or six similar boards, said its light-rail director, Ahmad Fazel. Replacement boards were being flown to Seattle Wednesday night, he said."

"Fazel said the Seattle tunnel controls include a backup mode. But, he said, the flawed circuit boards were staying "on" even after they failed, disrupting the backup program, he said. Manual controls exist at each of the tunnel's five stations, but without the computer system, the stations would not be united, he said."


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Robert Charette
Spotsylvania, Va.
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