Question of Management

A friend of mine, John Stone, author of Developing Software Applications in a Changing It Environment: Management Strategies and Techniques, recently e-mailed me a question, "After reviewing the IT blunders in your blog, itâ''s clear that although we continue to make substantial progress in technologies, IT management has made halting progress at best â'' with a many projects failing in some way and leaving that their companies and users have to cope as best they can."

"The analogy that comes to mind is the US car industry in the â''60s and â''70s, when the "Big Threeâ'' produced low quality products, leaving their customers to cope however they could. I wonder if we will see a similar exodus in IT â'' to hungry forward-thinking vendors where labor costs are low and education and quality are high?"

"What do you think your readers' would opine?"

Anyone want to answer John?


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