Qantas Has Baggage System Problems of its Own


Australian newspapers have been reporting this morning that Qantas was having a baggage management handling system problem, although it doesn't appear to be as severe as that experienced by British Airways earlier this year with the opening of Terminal 5.

According to The Australian, Qantas rolled out the second part of its new Amadeus Altea Departure Control-Flight Management system covering check-in, boarding and baggage management over the weekend at its Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney domestic terminals. The new system merged two previously separate computer interfaces managing flights and reservations into one.

This morning, Qantas passengers at Sydney (but not the other airports mentioned above) started reporting long check-in lines, baggage system problems, and delayed flights because of problems attributed to the new departure management system. Qantas said the problems were due to its staff using the system for the first time under the heavier passenger volume of a busy Monday morning.

As with British Airways and the Terminal 5, the inadequate training of staff is being cited as the culprit.

Qantas plans to roll out the system to its international terminals in September.


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