National Alert System To Be Developed For Australia


Beginning next summer, Australians living in the path of brush fires, floods, cyclones or other disasters will be receiving telephone warnings generated by a national alert system, reports The Australian.

As I mentioned here, a national alert system was recommended in 2003 but even after several devastating national disasters the different governmental agencies could never agree to develop one. The tragic brush fires in February 2009 finally forced the issue.

According to story, "The new system will be designed to send voice and text messages to all landlines and mobiles where the billing address is in the affected area."

The story adds that, "The main flaw in the system is that it will not initially be able to send messages or calls to mobiles based on their actual physical location," although there will be research funded aimed at overcoming this issue.

A$15 million have been set aside to begin the effort.


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