Major E-voting Problems Cancel Israeli Primary


It is being reported that the Israeli Labor Party canceled its primary election today after the computer system used for voting (supplied by the Taldor Group) crashed. The primary will now be held next Wednesday but this time using paper ballots.

Voters had problems throughout the day. Some had to wait for several hours to vote, while others simply walked out of the voting booths when the system wouldn't work properly when they tried to vote. At least one candidate wasn't recognized by the system.

According to the report, "A Labor Party spokesman accused Taldor of 'mini fraud.' He said, 'We were promised that everything would go faster.' "

"Taldor said in response that it regretted the computer crash, and that it would do whatever necessary to assist in next week's primaries.' "

Maybe Taldor can help count the paper ballots next week.


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