LAUSD Payroll Fiasco Sparks Call for Payback


As I noted a few weeks back, the Los Angles Unified School District (LAUSD) now admits that its botched and blundered payroll system will likely cost upwards of $210 million when all is said and done. LAUSD school officials have said that they are considering litigation against the contractor, and have spent some $700,000 on two law firms to look into the matter, according to today's LA Daily News.

However, the Daily News says that California State Assemblyman Kevin de Leon is unhappy about what he sees as foot dragging by the LAUSD in pursuing damages, will introduce Assembly Bill 730 on 15 January, which would prevent any contractor found by a court liable for breach of an information-technology contract worth more than $1 million - and the judgment is greater than $250,000 - from bidding on any new business with the state or any local government for five years.

This might be an interesting approach that all government may want to consider, although $1 million may be a bit too low a threshold. I do suggest, however, the money spent on lawyers be considered as part of the overrun amount.


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Robert Charette
Spotsylvania, Va.
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