LA School System Update

The Los Angeles Unified School District recently decided to hire a monitor and spend another $10 million to try to remedy its payroll system problem.

It appears few think another $10 million is going to do the trick. Furthermore, with the amount of patching the system is undergoing, I guess that the system is now getting to that precariously fragile state that every new patch risks causing cascading errors in areas of the system thought to be okay.

I wonder how long before the school district figures out that it can't make any major changes to its business procedures without risking a total meltdown?

Probably when new contract talks are held with the School District's employee unions, and District management sees the difficulty of the IT meeting any of the new contract terms and conditions. At that point, I wouldn't be surprised to see the system put out of its misery.


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Robert Charette
Spotsylvania, Va.
Willie D. Jones
New York City