DTV Transition: No Major Screams of Pain Reported, Yet


So far, there have been no widespread reports of major problems in the areas of the US that transitioned from analog to digital TV yesterday. Everything seems pretty quiet.

There was one news report from Oklahoma City about phone callers swamping KWTV-9 when it made the switchover at 1300 yesterday. However, the story said that "most of the calls were from Dish Network viewers who couldnâ''t get the station and people who had not rescanned their digital televisions or converter boxers for digital channels."

In other words, no big deal.

One interesting story that came out over the past week about the DTV transition was about older VCR's and how they won't be able to record over-the-air digital broadcasts or digital cable transmissions. This may be the biggest impact of the DTV transition, since 72% of Americans own a VCR but only 24% own DVRs.

According to the story, if you want to still use a VCR, you will need to invest in one with a digital tuner, but even with one of those, I understand that you can't watch one channel while recording another.

Oh well, I guess that's progress for you.

And speaking of progress, the creators of The Simpsons have decided to redo the cartoon's introduction to celebrate the DTV transition. You can watch it on YouTube here.

As always, Spectrum would like to hear about your experiences on the changeover (for those who experience it) this week. Go here and join the crowd.

Note: Some of you reading this post may have come looking for the post on the H-1B visa controversy. It is actually here. A small e-mail error sent you to the wrong place. Our apologies.


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