DTV Transition: Back to 12 June - Again


As expected, the US House of Representatives voted today to delay the digital TV transition until 12 June. The vote was 264-158.

I'll update this post as more information becomes available.


A bit more information. The vote was 241 Democrats and 23 Republicans for, and 10 Democrats and 148 Republicans against.

In a Washington Post story this morning, acting Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Michael J. Copps was quoted as saying, "There's no way we could have accomplished in the next 14 days what should have been done over the past 24 months."

More money for converter box set coupons is also supposed to be coming, but won't be available much before the end of this month. The amount is as yet unknown. Some 3.7 million people are currently on the waiting list.

The Post story also says the FCC figures indicate that "143 broadcasters have already terminated their analog signals and another 60 stations plan to do so before Feb. 17. But many broadcasters say they are likely to stay on the air until June 12 if their competitors do."

The FCC is meeting today to figure out how to deal with the confusion created by the delay. I am willing to bet that any solutions it comes up with will cause more confusion.


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