Credit Cards for 11-year-olds


The London Telegraph reported last week that Lloyds TSB bank is giving VISA cards to children as young as 11 without their parents knowledge.

According to the story, Lloyds has previously given children between ages of 11 to 15 with active accounts debit cards that they could use at cash machines or at Lloyds bank branches.

Lloyds decided that those children should also get their own VISA cards.

As explained in another story, the bank included a a parental guidance leaflet which the children are supposed to pass on to thier parents or legal guardian.

A Lloyds spokesperson said (in the Telegraph story), â''We made it clear that they [the children] should let their parents know [when they get a credit card]."

Sure they will.

Lloyds claimed that there was a system in place to keep children from making adult internet site purchases, but as noted by the Telegraph story, that didnâ''t prevent a 15 year old from buying Viagra on the net.


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