Back to the Future - 1984 Update

As I noted a while ago, over the past decade or so, the UK has been in a hurry to implement a 1984 society. A new Home Office and Association of Chief Police Officers' National Strategy report on CCTV cameras says that new video standards are needed, since the 4.2 million cameras now in use are not of sufficient quality to identify offenders, so are being used mostly to look for wayward motorists. In addition, there is an increasing proliferation of different types of video systems being used, which makes reviewing and sharing video information increasingly difficult. Furthermore, since no one knows where all the camera are looking, no one knows what and what is not being looked at.

To resolve these and other issues, the Home Office and Police want additional resources on top of the £200 million already spent to solve these problems and also to ensure that cameras cover all public space in the Britain. Bet people there can't wait.


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Robert Charette
Spotsylvania, Va.
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