Apple Lawsuit Hacked

ComputerWorld has two interesting stories today. The first was from this morning, which was about lawyers suing Apple for $2.6 billion claiming that, "Apple blocked third-party applications, barred any ring tones but those it sold via iTunes and disabled unlocked phones with last month's 1.1.1 version update."

Then this afternoon, it reported that for between $60 to $99, "The iPhoneSIMFree, a commercial venture that was the first to publish a point-and-click unlock hack last month, has announced Version 1.6 of its software, and claimed that it could bring any bricked iPhone back to life."

But wait; according to the story, "another unlock hacking group, the iPhone Dev Team, urged owners of bricked iPhones to sit tight. 'Free unlock of 1.1.1 is coming soon.' "

I would have loved to have seen the lawyers' faces this afternoon. Maybe by the weekend, their case will have been vaporized by hackers. Shakespeare would be proud.


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