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Updated: 21 May 2020

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IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society has set up a COVID-19 initiative to enable technology to deal with the crisis. Under the initiative, the society’s editors in chief will expedite the processing of articles whose primary focus is COVID-19 (as judged by them) submitted to any of the society’s publications. 

If accepted, all such articles will be published on the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, free of charge to authors and readers, as free access for one year from the date of the publication. This effort will enable wide distribution of research findings that are available for free to other researchers and the community at large.

Please review the ScholarOne Manuscript (Manuscript Central) submission site of the desired publication for instructions as to how to submit a COVID-19 focused manuscript. All articles will go through the standard review process followed for the publication. The article must be within the scope of the publication.

IEEE Communications Society

The IEEE Communications Society is providing free access to a variety of content and materials.

  • Webinars are focused on communications technologies, systems, products, and services. Attendees can earn Professional Development Hours or Continuing Education Units. Current topics include 5G, data-center optimization, and millimeter-wave technology.
  • Webcasts and the Free Tutorials Now program offer individual- and panel-based presentations covering a variety of communications technologies. The tutorials focus on presentations given at recent society-sponsored conferences.
  • IEEE Communications Society’s channel has nearly 400 free recorded sessions from select past industry summits and conferences.

IEEE Computer Society

The IEEE Computer Society’s Distinguished Lecturer Webinar Series features discussions on such topics as cyber-physical security, MBSE software with and without simulation, unconventional computer arithmetic, and quantum Internet.

The Early Career Webinars focus on topics such as effective communication, tips for writing email messages, personal brand management, career transition, and interviewing skills.

All webinars are recorded and made available on demand.

Through 15 August 2020, the IEEE Computer Society is providing members free access to courses, lectures, and short courses from its Education Course Catalog. Topics include:

  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • DevOps
  • Embedded Systems
  • IoT
  • Multicore
  • Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Risk-Based Security
  • Wearables

ComputingEdge Magazine, also from the IEEE Computer Society, is a free source that publishes relevant news and research on all aspects of computing technology. This monthly digest republishes the content from 12 IEEE Computer Society premier magazines. The articles cover current trends across the technology spectrum to keep readers up to date on the newest developments regardless of their area of specialty. Get a free subscription to either the digital edition or the print edition (available to U.S. members only).

Software Engineering Radio is a podcast series targeted at the professional software developer.  Intended to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast, this series features original content. All podcasts are available indefinitely to society members and others.

IEEE DataPort COVID-19 Related Data Sets Free to Researchers

IEEE DataPort has made all COVID-19 related data sets available for analysis and research free of charge. Developed and supported by IEEE, the product allows researchers to store, share, access, and manage their research data sets in a single trusted location.

The portal accepts both standard and open-access data sets in many formats. Each data set uploaded may be as large as 2 terabytes. The data is stored on the Amazon Web Services cloud and can be downloaded or retrieved at any time. There is currently no charge to upload data sets.

IEEE Electronics Packaging Society

The IEEE Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap provides guidance to members of the engineering profession, industry, academia, and the government to identify key technical challenges with sufficient lead time so that they do not become roadblocks that prevent the continued progress in electronics. That progress is essential to the future growth of the industry and continued positive impact on humanity. All chapters of the roadmap are available free of charge for an unlimited time.

The society also offers a variety of learning opportunities within the engineering sciences, research, and other technology areas that may be especially valuable during this time. The following programs are available to EPS members at no cost as a benefit of membership, with no expiration date.

  • The EPS Certificate Program provides members new to electronics packaging an opportunity to further their packaging education and offers continuous education to current members. The program also is available to students whose university program doesn’t cover electronics packaging.
  • EPS Webinar Archive contains lectures by experts in the field on the latest developments in the field.

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Offers Expedited Publication Process

The IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology has created a fast track for rapid review and publication of research and data that may help in the fight against COVID-19. The journal covers the development and application of engineering concepts and methods to biology, medicine, and health sciences to provide effective solutions to biological, medical, and health care problems.

The journal has introduced an expedited peer-review process that can ensure high-quality, relevant papers are disseminated in as few days as possible.

Submit a summary or your abstract to the journal’s editorial board for an assessment of its suitability. 

Several Microsoft Word templates are also available to be downloaded including those for editorial content, preparation of science letters, and data manuscripts. 

The paper can be submitted through ScholarOne. Mention in the cover letter it is for the fast-track process.

IEEE Power & Energy Society

Ensuring electric grid reliability and resiliency during a pandemic is no small undertaking, especially when coupled with the need to keep utility employees safe, shifting electricity usage patterns and, at times, overlapping with storms and other natural disasters. 

The IEEE Power & Energy Society has published a white paper that shares inputs, experiences, and best practices from utilities and system operators across the globe that have been facing the challenges head on brought about by COVID-19.

Sharing Knowledge on Electrical Energy Industry’s First Response to COVID-19” examines the health, technical, business, and regional impacts, as well as mitigation measures and practices. Perhaps most important, this paper calls for the industry—including utilities, system operators, vendors, and regulators—to continue tight collaboration to respond to local challenges while continuing to invest in grid modernization and rethink the grid.

The paper can be downloaded for free.

IEEE Power Electronics Society Resources

As a service to its members and the greater power electronics technical community, the IEEE Power Electronics Society is offering free limited-time access to materials in its resource center to members and the public to help disseminate knowledge and provide educational and informational resources. You can find tutorial-level work resources, webinars, and white papers. 

IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Resources

As a service to its members and the greater technical community, the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society is offering free limited-time access to materials in its resource center to members and the public to help disseminate knowledge and provide educational and informational resources. You can find tutorial-level work resources, webinars, and white papers. 

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