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Updated: 30 July 2020

Beyond Standards

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Curated by IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA), Beyond Standards is a collection of articles, videos and other content dedicated to promoting technology standards and highlighting the contributions from innovators across the globe in raising the world’s standards and advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

Read about IEEE SA Working Groups engaged in standards development projects related to the current health crisis and beyond. 

COVID-19 and Beyond: New IEEE 2791-2020 Standard Uses Bioinformatics to Speed Drug Development

Paving the Way for Transformative Learning Technologies

Electronic Meeting Guide

Developed for IEEE SA groups, this guide offers best practice suggestions for conducting electronic meetings. 

No-Cost Public Access to Relevant IEEE Standards

The IEEE SA is providing no-cost public access to relevant IEEE standards used by technologists, engineers, scientists, manufacturers, and others as they respond to the global COVID-19 public health emergency. Go to Access Standards to learn more and to access and download PDFs of the standards.

IEEE Open-Source Development Tools

IEEE has an open-source program called IEEE SA Open. The platform provides new communities of technology collaboration that harnesses the power of familiar open-source development tools with IEEE’s member network, technical expertise, and resources with the goal to accelerate innovation and enable technological advancements. The platform enables independent software developers, startups, projects, academia, foundations, and industry organizations to create, test, manage, and deploy projects. 

The platform is freely available for communities to come together and begin open projects that respond to the crisis or will be used in this time of social distancing.

Getting started is easy:

Step 1: Create an IEEE Account

Step 2: Login, read and accept the terms

Step 3: Find and fork a project, start a new personal project, or apply to create a new group-based project by sending an email to

Additional Support for Standards Development Groups

To meet the need for increased virtual meetings as standards work continues to progress, the IEEE SA accelerated a change of its standards development communities remote-meeting platform. IEEE SA now offers WebEx accounts to its standards committees and working group officers.  As communicated earlier, access to the previously used teleconference software, JoinMe, expired on 3 May. 

Automated notices regarding this change were sent by WebEx to IEEE standards committee and working group officers. If you did not receive a notice and need a WebEx account for your working group, go to Once you have accessed the link, your request will be verified by IEEE staff and an account will be provided within three to five business days.

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