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Updated: 25 June 2020

IEEE Transmitter

IEEE Transmitter is a collection of articles, videos, infographics, and more curated by IEEE. Its mission is to provide an engineer’s perspective on the latest tech news and innovations that are most important to you.

Exceptional Infrastructure Challenges, Technology, and Humanity


As the world experiences unprecedented challenges, our ability to tap technology to swiftly adapt and secure communications, work remotely, and reconfigure manufacturing platforms is more important than ever to address critical needs. Learn how industry approaches are shifting and what it may mean for our future.   

Read about how IEEE Impact Creators are helping to combat COVID-19 through technological advancements and uniquely innovative solutions.

COVID-19 Made Internet Access, Broadband and Hotspots an Educational Necessity

How COVID-19 is Affecting Industry 4.0 and the Future of Innovation

How Energy Engineers Are Keeping Your Power On During COVID-19

How Active Data is Fueling Cities’ Responses to COVID-19

Ask the Experts: Can Air Sensors One Day Detect COVID-19?

Think You’re Healthy Enough to Go Back to Work? Technology May Let You Know

Voice Control Could be Coming to an Office Near You

Additive Manufacturing Is Filling in the Gaps for Medical Face Shield Demand

Autonomous Vehicles Keep Important Deliveries Moving in the Age of COVID-19

How Immersive Technologies Are Empowering the Fight Against COVID-19

Smart Technologies Help Keep Cities Safe and Running During COVID-19

IEEE Provides Free Access to COVID-19 Relevant Research Articles and Standards in IEEE Xplore Digital Library 

IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization advancing technology for humanity, is committed to supporting the global response to COVID-19. The organization is providing free, direct access to a collection of various COVID-19 related research articles and standards to help researchers understand, manage, and combat the different aspects of the pandemic.

IEEE recognizes that many are directly or indirectly engaged in the fight against COVID-19 and its effects on global health and safety, research, infrastructure, communications, and more. Therefore, during the pandemic IEEE is making available the following at no charge:

  • COVID-19 related articles in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library with additional rights for all types of reuse, including full text and data mining and analyses. IEEE is consistently monitoring the situation for further developments and will update and add to the IEEE Xplore content as necessary.

  • Standards that may aid researchers with the management of various aspects of the pandemic and technologies that can best be utilized to combat it. This collection can be found at no cost in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

IEEE thanks the entire research and technology community for their work in the fight against COVID-19 and their support of our shared mission to advance technology for humanity.

Enhanced Access to IEEE Member Digital Library Subscribers

For the next 90 days, IEEE is doubling the number of monthly article downloads available to the IEEE Member Digital Library (MDL) subscribers.

MDL, brought to you via the IEEEXplore Digital Library, provides access to all IEEE journal articles, magazines, and conference papers that contain the most essential information in technology today. MDL offers two flexible options designed to meet the varying needs of IEEE members that offer up to 25 article downloads per month.

IEEE subscribing members are provided with increased flexibility while working remotely to access the research they need to drive innovation forward during the global health crisis.

To get started, simply visit IEEE Xplore and log in, find the articles you are interested in, and start using your free downloads.

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