Queensland Health Payroll System Has Yet Another Hitch

"All clear" sounded prematurely?

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Queensland Health Payroll System Has Yet Another Hitch

Well, it looks like the recent declaration that the on-going problems with the Queensland Health payroll system that date back to March 2010 were finally over were a wee bit premature. According to the Brisbane, Australia newspaper Courier-Mail last Friday, a "technical fix" to the system resulted in staff being underpaid again for the last pay period. This story at ABC News reports that some "100 employees were underpaid by $50 to $210 a fortnight due to a technical glitch last week."

Queensland Health officials apologized - again - and called the latest bungle "unacceptable."

Another Courier-Mail story that was published yesterday also is not likely to make Queensland Health staff happy. The story reports that "three times more staff chasing down overpayments than those assigned to help workers left underpaid by its faulty payroll system."

This seems to contradict Queensland Premier Anna Bligh's decision just two weeks ago that the current focus should be on pursuing the AU $62 million in payroll overpayments until the underpayment issue was resolved.

The situation at Queensland Health just keeps getting stranger and sadder it seems every week.

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